With the development of science and technology, people’s requirements for the performance of aircraft are also improving. It can generally be summarized as &ldquo, light weight, long service life, high safety and low cost &rdquo. The emerging carbon fiber composite material has unique advantages over the traditional aluminum alloy and steel. Carbon fiber composite material is not rust, high strength, strong design, fatigue resistance, and easy to achieve functional structure integration. It is an ideal material for aircraft structural parts.

The most notable advantage of CFRP for aircraft structure is weight loss. Its density is only 1.5g/cm^3, equivalent to replace aluminum alloy, theoretically, it can reduce more than 40% of weight. For aircraft, weight control is very important, and designers strive to reduce the weight of 1G. American tourists on board, more than 90% of the use of carbon fiber composite materials, the structure weighs only 453kg, its sustainable flight around the world in 9 days.

Through reasonable design, in addition to reduce weight, carbon fiber composite material can also provide excellent properties for aircraft anti fatigue, earthquake, durability and other materials can not be achieved, reduce maintenance costs, expand the space for development, especially compared with Aluminum Alloy, can significantly reduce the maintenance requirements. When driving time goes to the aging stage, the maintenance cost of B787 is reduced by 30% compared with that of B767 with aluminum alloy structure. In addition, the overall molding characteristics of carbon fiber composites can greatly reduce the number of parts and reduce the cost, such as the reduction of 42% of F/A-18E/F parts.

In the 60s, the advanced carbon fiber composite material was used in military aircraft structure. After so many years of development, it gradually evolved from the less stressed components to the main load-bearing components such as airfoil and fuselage, and expanded from military to civilian. Some UAVs and large airliners are now using carbon fiber composites.

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