Carbon fiber is a new type of industrial materials developed in the last century, the tensile strength is four times that of steel, only 1/4 weight steel, excellent performance and low friction coefficient, good wear resistance, is the leader of national defense, aviation, aerospace, medical, sports and other materials in the industrial sector. Most carbon fiber products need to be made of mold. This article is about the mold design of carbon fiber products.

The design of carbon fiber mold:

1, choose a reasonable parting surface: the parting surface of mold is an important factor to decide the structure form of die. For such a product, generally choose the symmetrical center plane as the parting surface of mold, and do not need modification and machining.

2, mould structure form: semi closed type. General mold consists of upper and lower die (Yin, male) and some mould core, you also need to add a coat of the upper and lower die can slide in the coat.

3, the ejection mechanism selection: not a reasonable demoulding mechanism, even if the cavity can produce parts, but also can not successfully complete the parts from lossless cavity top, and carbon fiber with high strength, high hardness, low coefficient of thermal expansion at room temperature is taken. No easy task.

4. Other requirements for the mold: the mould for making carbon fiber products is mainly made of steel mould or aluminum mould, which requires smooth inner surface, low roughness and ash free dirt.

Carbon fiber pressing process:

In order to produce a quality quality inspection, the design and manufacture of the mold is still not possible. There is also a set of tight pressing technology to ensure. According to the design requirements of quality inspection, carbon fiber layer is calculated according to the requirements of quality inspection. Because the cross-section of the quality inspection is varied and the thickness is not equal. After many tests, the number of carbon fiber layer is finally determined, and the embryo material is put into the mold to suppress.

The design and manufacture of the mould and the molding process are very important, which will directly affect the final quality of the carbon fiber products.

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