As a new structural material of carbon fiber, has been widely applied to many fields, then the characteristics of the carbon fiber material, most people may just a superficial understanding, today we’ll take a good understanding about carbon fiber material, hope to deepen our understanding of the carbon fiber material.

Carbon fiber will not be used alone. Generally, carbon fiber will be used as reinforcement to melt into resin and other matrix materials to form composite materials. Therefore, the carbon fiber products we produce are made of carbon fiber composites. Carbon fiber has the softness of textile fibers, but the mechanical properties of carbon fiber materials are excellent. The tensile strength of carbon fiber material reaches 3000MPa, and the rigidity and hardness are all better than those of commonly used metal structure materials. Carbon fiber also has a strong degree of freedom of design. Usually, metal material is used to make products, and a material is selected. Its strength is given, and carbon fiber can achieve the most significant performance advantage through reasonable design.

However, now increasingly high demand for lightweight, a lot of people will think that, since the high strength, it is sure to gain weight, and carbon fiber materials are not the same as the density of carbon fiber composite material is about 1.7g/cm3, smaller than the density of aluminum, can effectively realize the lightweight structure. Carbon fiber is in the condition of high temperature carbonization and carbon fiber working temperature can reach 2000 DEG C, and the resin after the fusion, the working temperature of the resin can not be reached so high, so the ordinary carbon fiber composite material the working temperature of about 150 degrees Celsius, and the carbon fiber composite material thermal expansion coefficient small, close to zero, so the carbon fiber products basically not because of the temperature change of deformation.

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