Carbon fiber reinforced resin composite made of carbon fiber and resin matrix is composed of two parts, its superior performance, strength is 4.8~7.2 times of steel, than the modulus of 3~4.2 times of steel, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, thermal expansion coefficient, creep resistance, strong plasticity, can be made into a variety of styles of products. The molding industry of its products is also diverse, this article is to explain the forming process of carbon fiber resin matrix composites.

Hand lay up molding: first release agent, gel in the mold inside the coating, convenient after molding the products removed. Then the carbon fiber prepreg is put into the mold, and the layer operation is repeated many times until the design thickness of the product is reached. The advantages of this technology are less investment in equipment, molding at room temperature and large products, but manpower consumption is large, and the quality of products depends on the proficiency of workers.

Resin transfer molding: put carbon fiber raw material into the mold, close the mold, and injecting resin under pressure. After curing, the resin can be opened and the product is removed. Notice that when the carbon fiber is soaked in the resin, the injection mouth should be closed immediately so as to prevent the resin from curing prematurely. This method has little pollution to the environment and short production cycle, which is mainly used in the manufacture of large products.

Resin film immersing molding: carbon fiber and resin sheets are placed in the mold alternately in the mould, wrapped in a vacuum bag, and then air is drawn up, so that the resin melts and impregnates the resin, and then the product is completely cured. This method is low cost, healthy and safe, but it has not been popularized in a wide range. It is mainly used in aerospace industry.

Prepreg molding: prepreg is laid on the surface of die by hand or machine, vacuum bag is vacuumed and put into hot pressing tank. This method is convenient, but it is expensive, time consuming and the size of the product is limited.

In addition, the molding process of carbon fiber resin based composite products is also pultrusion, winding and so on.

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