Carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) is widely used in aviation, aerospace and other fields due to its many advantages, such as good fatigue and fracture resistance, strong design, good dimensional stability and large overall molding. It has a variety of molding methods, including winding, pultrusion, molding, hot pressing and so on. This article is mainly concerned with the hot pressing tank molding process.

Autoclave molding refers to carbon fiber prepreg according to the design requirements of paving form structure of laminated blank in the mold, the process of curing the mold together into the autoclave and then with internal high temperature and pressure, heating temperature and curing pressure tank is uniformly distributed, component geometry almost no restrictions, applicable scope guangzhou.

Autoclave molding process, mold surface change is the main reason for the size deviation of the workpiece, the mold deformation mainly has two aspects: one is part of the mold surface pressure load caused by mold elastic deformation; on the other hand is a frame type mould in the heat induced thermal expansion. The mutual superposition of the two in the solidification of parts causes the deviation of the size of the parts and the warping of the shape. Therefore, in the process of product manufacturing, not only should pay attention to various variables, but also the mold is very important.

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