Many people know that the carbon fiber has a density less than steel 1/4 capital, has the strength of steel is several times of the ability, so it can shuttle between the various industries, of course, it also has a price tag, many people are not willing to spend a high price to buy inferior products, the method here you a few strokes to identify carbon fiber material.

Before this, we need to understand the carbon fiber fabric and the relationship. Carbon fiber is processed at high temperature, the carbon molecular “ ” a “ &rdquo, &ldquo and filamentous; ” silk; preparation of “ &rdquo, cloth; how to prepare carbon fibrils is an important part of the price and rigid, because the design of carbon fiber from the strong, through the reasonable the design makes the performance more excellent.

The first factor to distinguish between true and false is the price of carbon fiber, we know that the price is not cheap, you can use to describe, and the strength is higher, the higher the price, so must not covet cheap, if you buy cheap carbon fiber products, then you probably bought the fake carbon fiber products with adhesive paper and carbon the majority of the fiber paint.

Second, we can rely on the eye to distinguish the carbon fiber, we should start from the details, because the carbon fiber parts after spreading shape, coated with resin glue, vacuum processing, high temperature baking process, therefore, any one of the steps are likely to affect the quality of carbon fiber products, if it is some inferior products that will fail to meet the requirements.

Finally, some businesses are right on your carbon fiber product enough to understand, so often will add PU material inside to increase the thickness of carbon fiber, this time we only need to observe the carbon fiber at the bottom, if not at the bottom of carbon fiber, then the structure of carbon fiber products is 100%, and the carbon fiber is the primary black, if there are other colors (except paint) that is fake. You can knock on the product, and the sound is different.

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