Carbon fiber is a new material developed in twentieth Century, has excellent physical and chemical properties, so the carbon fiber properties have been widely studied, the general application of carbon fiber composite material is in the form of carbon fiber composite material with high modulus, anti oxidation, high temperature and other characteristics, widely in many applications, today to introduce the mechanical properties of carbon fiber material.

Carbon fiber is very soft before processing. It is hard to imagine that it will have excellent mechanical properties. However, carbon fiber is such a magical material that the rigidity and hardness of products are very large, and many structural materials can not match them. For the most commonly used T300 carbon fibers, its tensile modulus is 230GPa, tensile strength is also up to 3500MPa, and its specific stiffness and specific strength are also higher than those of traditional metal materials. Of course, there are T700, T1000, and the mechanical properties of these carbon fibers are better.

The mechanical properties of carbon fiber is anisotropic, (anisotropic material refers to all or part of the chemical and physical properties with the direction changed, showing different properties in different directions) as a typical example, unidirectional carbon fiber cloth with silk fiber in a large number of parties fiber, less in the other direction, strength is in the same direction. But we can through the analysis of the performance requirements of the reasonable lay out the way to achieve the best effect.

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