We all know that the carbon fiber composite material is a kind of difficult to cut materials, is also very large for tool wear, drilling is an important process in the common carbon fiber processing in the whole process, the carbon fiber composite material for hole machining, prone to burn material, poor surface quality, hole defects such as delamination, tear, and lead scrap carbon fiber composite parts, the carbon fiber composite material is the high level of manual drilling difficulty. Let’s share with you the problem of manual drilling of carbon fiber and the solution.

1, the problem of bit wear

The hardness of steel and carbon fiber, so it should not be the trial of high speed steel cutter, can choose high hardness tool materials, such as hard alloy, ceramic and diamond tool materials, after testing, using the speed of 6000r/min pistol drill in the thickness of carbon fiber composite material 4.85mm drill hole 7mm, high speed steel only 4 holes, after feeding difficulties, try carbide drill can drill 50-70 holes, and the trial with diamond coating, namely quality alloy bit PCD coating can drill holes 100-120.

2. The problem of material burn

Is usually due to cutting tools sharp enough, caused by manual drilling feed slowly, prolong the time of drilling time and the friction between the tool and the material, thus producing more heat, the material local position and tool temperature rises rapidly, resulting in material burns, twist drill head in the drill point chisel edge, easy phenomenon caused by above. The dagger drill, can solve the above problems, the spiral angle is 90° no, chisel edge exists in the drill point, the contact area of the tool and the material is small, so the heat generated during processing is also small.

3. Dust problem

During the hole processing of carbon fiber reinforced plastics, it is possible to use the coolant to take away the dust produced by drilling and prevent dust from dispersing into the air, so as to avoid harm to the environment and human body. But for manual drilling process, adding coolant is very inconvenient, and carbon fiber layer is not clean after mixing with coolant. Therefore, drilling tools with suction attachment can also be used.

4, stratification problem

In the manual drilling, feed speed by manual control, so it is very unstable, which is caused by manual drilling in Chile love the unstable factors, we recommend the manual drilling control feeding speed can be increased in a common pneumatic adjustable hydraulic system, by adjusting the hydraulic pressure to offset the workers hand thrust in addition, the feed rate personal control tool, a high-speed drill is to use hydraulic control device to control the feed speed of tool tools such as Hi-shear tool company production.

In addition, the cutter speed also affects the size of the axial force, for manual drilling, when the tool rotational speed is very high, people will be very difficult to guarantee the stability of the tools and tool in drilling process, the drilling quality will decline, in order to ensure that the loss rate of parts and materials, processing technology is one of the important reference.

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