People’s impression is that black is the label of carbon fiber board. Indeed, the carbon fiber boards we see are mostly black. Actually, they have other colors, such as gold, red and blue. Their production process is more complex and less common, so they see less. But with the improvement of people’s requirement, the application of color carbon fiber board is getting more and more. Today we’ll take a look at the production and advantages of color carbon fiber board.

Start making method of color carbon fiber plate step with ordinary carbon fiber plate is the same, we must first determine the thickness of carbon fiber sheet, calculate the required carbon fiber layers according to the thickness, then according to the different point of the fold, and then molding. A step color carbon fiber plate is the increase in paint, carbon fiber board painting before the required surface carbon fiber board for grinding, and then water cleaning toner particles produced in the process of grinding, drying, baking paint in one go, in the process, according to the different surface shapes, walking path design of spray paint, to ensure uniform texture, many can not cause the flow to spray paint, paint, paint, paint a general surface transparent paint, spray a layer of baking time, after the completion of inspection, to see if there are flaws. In this way, a complete color carbon fiber board is finished.

The color carbon fiber board plays a decorative role. It will give people some bright effects when applied to some auto parts and sports equipment, and the color carbon fiber board can still play the role of weight loss and enhancement.

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