At present, the electric vehicle industry is the most potential market in the new energy field, and the major R & D manufacturers of electric vehicles are conducting technical public relations on electric vehicles. In the electric vehicle frame, the battery box has a certain influence on the vehicle’s weight and safety. Battery is the core component of electric vehicle. The function of battery box loader is very high for design, weight and other indicators. Carbon fiber reinforced polymer is the best material for making battery box because of its light weight, high strength, creep resistance and low thermal expansion coefficient. Next, we introduce the design of battery case.

The whole design of the new generation of electric vehicles is more precise, and the operating environment of the automobile components is very high. In the design of the car battery box, the design structure, the ability of high temperature resistance, the chemical reaction, the mechanical performance and the weight of the car should be considered. In view of the large volume weight of the car battery, the weight bearing capacity is the first priority to consider. Secondly, the battery box is located in the lower part of the car body, and the various indexes of the driving environment of the car require compound standard, and the bearing capacity of the impact and collision should also be met. Carbon fiber material with small density and light weight is the best material to realize automobile light weight, and the tensile strength of carbon fiber is above 3400MPa, higher than modulus, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. It also has great advantages in absorbing impact force, making the car safer.

The manufacturing mode of carbon fiber composite material box is usually made of three molding methods, vacuum introduction hot press and high pressure resin transfer molding. The process requirements of the products are different, and the appropriate production methods can be selected. The material is usually composed of carbon fiber and epoxy resin, which requires smooth appearance, no bubbles and other defects. It is resistant to high temperature, acid and alkali salt and atmospheric corrosion. It has great hardness, high impact strength, no creep and high modulus.

According to the distribution mode of the battery, in accordance with the best principle of space utilization, it is generally close to the square box, and metal pre embedding can be used in the combination. When carbon fiber prepreg is laid, it has high requirements for balance and symmetry.