Inorganic fiber is made of inorganic mineral. Its main products are carbon fiber, glass fiber, ceramic fiber, boron fiber and so on. Organic fiber is made from organic materials, including polyester, nylon and so on. Compared with organic fibers, inorganic fibers have higher stability and non flammability. This article is mainly about excellent inorganic fiber carbon fibers.

Carbon fiber refers to the fiber in the chemical composition, which accounts for more than 90% of the total amount of carbon. It is a fibrous polymer carbon, which is formed by the solid phase reaction of inorganic fibers. Customarily speaking, it is called carbon fiber after carbonization at 1000 ~2000 and carbonization. It is called graphite fiber after 2000 C ~3000 C carbonization. The carbon content of graphite fiber is higher than that of 98%, and its surface has metallic luster, good conductivity and less impurity.

The development of carbon fiber materials can be traced back to the end of the nineteenth Century, the incandescent lamp filament invented by American scientist Edison, but it was not widely used. To realize the value of carbon fiber industry in 1950s, in order to solve the problem of insulation weapons with DuPont Co, acrylic PAN based carbon fiber heating manufacturing heat-resistant, high modulus carbon fiber in 1995, Japan Toray company Kondo Akio has successfully developed with PAN as raw material.

A lot of carbon fiber types, according to the mechanical ability is different, can be divided into high strength high modulus (HT), (HM), general (GP); according to the different raw materials can be divided into viscose based carbon fiber, carbon fiber, pitch based carbon fiber; according to the functions can be divided by carbon fiber, activated carbon fiber conductive carbon fiber, flame resistant carbon fiber structure.

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