Fiber composites are composite materials with fiber as reinforcement. They are superior in properties, soft, plastic and hard, such as steel. They have been widely applied in the market. I would like to know about the most widely used composites at present. They all know that they are glass fiber composite, carbon fiber composite and aramid fiber composite material. This article will introduce to you in detail.

Glass fiber composite materials: glass fiber composite materials called glass steel, raw materials are using waste glass and glass beads, glass melting wire woven with resin composite, glass steel is made, it realizes the repeated use of resources, with the sustainable development strategy. According to the different resin, it can be divided into epoxy glass steel, phenolic FRP, polyester glass steel and so on. Insulation, high strength, low coefficient of thermal expansion, high temperatures above 1000 degrees Celsius with glass fiber, is widely used in building materials, industrial manufacturing, electronic communications and other fields.

Carbon fiber composite material: it is probably no stranger to mention carbon fiber. Its raw materials are polypropylene based fiber and pitch based fiber. After high temperature carbon graphite is made, carbon fiber precursor is made, and its carbon content is as high as 90%. Its weight is lighter than that of aluminum, and its strength is higher than that of steel. The modulus of elasticity and tensile modulus are very high, and it also has the advantages of high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. It has a lot of grades, such as T300, T800, T1000. As a composite material, it is often combined with resins, ceramics, etc., which can be used in aircraft and automobiles to achieve lightweight, and can also be used to create some small objects in life.

Aramid fiber composite material: aromatic polyamide fiber is the full name of aramid fiber, which can be divided into the aramid, the interposition aramid and the heterocyclic aramid. He has good mechanical, stable chemical, flame retardancy and heat resistance. Bulletproof clothing, bulletproof helmets, tanks and so on have been used in large quantities. It is also used in the field of sports goods and aerospace.

Above these three composite materials, glass fiber is the most widely used, carbon fiber performance is the best.

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