The most common molding process of carbon fiber has three kinds of vacuum autoclave molding, filament winding, high temperature molding, three methods are different, in this small series to introduce carbon fiber molding steps, hope we can deepen the understanding of the process of carbon fiber.

The placement of inserts should be pre heated before placing the inserts, and the inserts must be stable. If necessary, it should be fixed to prevent displacement or falling off, otherwise it will not achieve the purpose of inserting work, but will result in the scrapping of products and even damage the mold.

Feeding: the accuracy of charging will directly affect the size of the product. And before feeding, we should pay attention to whether there are foreign bodies in the cavity, and fill up some parts with large flow resistance as far as possible.

Mold: mold has two steps, the punch does not come into contact with the material before the need to pressure fast so as to shorten the production cycle, but also can avoid the material change, when exposed to punch materials, to slow down the closing speed, pressure to slow, so as not to damage the insert.

Exhaust: discharge the air, water vapor and volatile matter in mold. After mold closing, some need to open the mold for a period of time. This operation process is quick and time is too long. Hardening of materials will lose plasticity, so that the die can not be expelled.

Curing: curing speed is inseparable from the properties of materials, prepressing, preheating, pressure and other factors. The speed of curing directly affects the production efficiency. When adding some curing agents, the curing process can be accelerated.

Holding time: short holding time will lead to incomplete curing of resin and lower mechanical properties of products. While holding time is too long, the density will increase, and internal stress will be generated, which will lead to product failure.

Demoulding, cleaning and post-processing: the ejection is usually done by the ejector pin. When the product is removed from the mold, there will be some residual materials in the mold, so it needs cleaning up and convenient for the next use. In order to further improve the quality of the product, it is also necessary to carry out the post treatment.

That’s the simple introduction of carbon fiber molding.

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