With the progress of the times, more and more carbon fiber products are on the market. There are various molding processes, including molding, hot pressing, winding, pultrusion and so on. Molding is to pre treat carbon fiber materials into metal pairs, and apply high pressure to make the material filled with mold cavity and gradually solidify at a predetermined temperature. It is a comprehensive structure of temperature, pressure and time. This article will tell you how the molding process affects the performance of carbon fiber products.

The effect of heating rate on carbon fiber products: when heating or molding, the upper and lower templates are heated by electricity or steam. The heating process is not as constant as that of hot pressing tanks. The number of layers of carbon fiber products, the heating rate is too slow, forming a long time, the efficiency is low; the heating rate is too fast, close to the steel mould prepreg and central prepreg production temperature gradient, surface material of carbon fiber products easy to advance gel, spotted, gloss and other defects, so the control the heating rate is very necessary.

The effect of precompaction on the gap: the conventional pressing process is heated and pressed according to the process requirements after the coating is combined. At this point, a small amount of spilled glue that has been drawn from the spilled slot will be produced. However, it is found that there is a larger void ratio inside the workpiece. The analysis shows that in the loading, each layer of top impregnated material is stacked, which is bound to be mixed with air. In the process of heating and pressure, the air can not all overflow because of the stickiness of the liquid, which causes the gap. If this process is added, the excess air can be eliminated and the porosity of carbon fiber products can be reduced.

The timing of the effect of pressure on the properties of the product: the molding process of epoxy resin system is the key time of pressurization, pressure caused by excessive outflow of early resin decreased the shear strength between layers of carbon fiber products, resin curing pressure late initial pressure, not only does not work, the bending strength of carbon fiber products will decline.

The molding process has a great influence on the performance of carbon fiber products, and the control of the parameters is very important.

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