Improve performance of carbon fiber has been engaged in this industry of the human figure to solve the problem, the production process, or internal surface may have defects, surface defects are relatively easier, today and everybody said the impact on the internal defects of carbon fiber materials.

The main reason for the internal defects of carbon fibers is the dislocation of crystals caused by pollution and damage in the process of pyrolysis, and the crystal interfaces and tiny voids penetrated into thick and isolated gaps. In the final treatment process, when the temperature is above 1000 C, the defect plays the most significant role in the fracture mechanism. The carbonized fiber contains 92% carbon and 8% nitrogen.

Now scientists have developed the way to measure the internal gap. The internal defects of carbon fiber can be checked qualitatively. These defects will affect their mechanical properties and chemical properties such as tensile strength, elastic modulus, rigidity and so on. At the time of surface treatment, if too many chemical reagents are used, the internal performance may also be affected. In order to solve the internal defects, the most important thing is to start with the process, improve the production process, control the temperature, time, pressure and other variables.

The production process of carbon fiber is complex. In order to eliminate the defects, it needs to be continuously studied and improved. On the market, everyone knows that Dongli company’s carbon fiber is of the best quality, and of course the price is also expensive. The quality of home made is relatively poor, and the price is cheap.

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