The application field of new materials for asphalt carbon fiber is related to all aspects of human life; fishing rods, golf clubs, lightweight bicycles, brake pads, or electric cars, aircraft and so on.

The brake of high performance asphalt carbon fiber is mainly used with a plane or car, reinforced concrete or strengthened material, packing, friction material, reinforced thermoplastic resin, anode materials, electromagnetic shielding materials and lithium batteries in the future, the market will be the biggest civil engineering, including the repair and reinforcement materials. The general low performance asphalt carbon fiber is mainly applied to the reinforcement of the concrete of the curtain wall.

High performance fiber is a special fiber material with good heat resistance, good quality, high strength and high modulus. As a kind of high performance fiber, carbon fiber has the inherent intrinsic carbon material, and both the textile fiber soft processing, is a new generation of dual-use new materials, has been widely used in various fields of aerospace, transportation, sports and leisure products, medical, textile machinery, etc..

Carbon fiber is thinner than hair, but stronger than steel. It is lighter than aluminum. It is more corrosion resistant than stainless steel, and it can also conduct heat conduction like copper. It is regarded as the top material in today’s new material field.

The research of carbon fiber composites in China started in the mid 1970s. After nearly 40 years of development, great progress has been made. The rapid development of aerospace technology is in urgent need of high-performance carbon fiber and composite materials, and the market demand is more vigorous.

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