Industrial robots take the place of human beings for heavy and single work, so as to reduce the high intensity of human work and improve the efficiency of production. The manipulator is an important part of it, is also an important part of the work, for the production of materials to be considered comprehensive, as a new material of carbon fiber composite material, that is how to step by step favored for carbon fiber composite manipulator, this paper will introduce the advantages of carbon fiber mechanical arm.

The robot arm is the main load-bearing components, has a significant impact on the overall performance, to play the role of good bearing, so the material bearing performance is prominent, the carbon fiber composite strength and stiffness ratio in the existing structure of materials is more prominent, the two parameter is an important index to measure bearing capacity. Therefore, the bearing capacity of the carbon fiber arm will not be bad.

The accuracy of operation is a necessary performance of the manipulator, and a little error may bring irreparable loss. The coefficient of thermal expansion refers to the creep produced by the material under the action of thermal expansion and cold contraction, and the thermal expansion coefficient of carbon fiber composite material is small, which will not cause large deformation and ensure the accuracy in operation. Now light weight is also attracting more and more attention. CFRP is a light and high-strength material. Its density is very small. Through lightweight design, it can reduce self weight, improve overall mechanical properties, and also reduce energy consumption.

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