In addition to lightweight high-strength carbon fiber material, the corrosion resistance is better than the traditional metal materials, according to news reports, a well before the high sulfur content of ordinary steel rod can’t work two months to be corroded and unable to work, and the use of carbon fiber rod, the working time is very long, so why carbon fiber has so strong corrosion resistance? Now let’s get to know it.

Carbon fiber is similar to graphite crystallite structure through the crystal 2000-3000 DEG C high temperature graphitization formation, the structure itself has a strong corrosive medium, and carbon fiber is a kind of non metal materials, the electrochemical activity is not high, the excellent performance of elastic modulus and strength in some alkali salt in the basically no change. As a result, carbon fiber has sufficient corrosion resistance as a reinforced material. The corrosion resistance of carbon fiber can be divided into many kinds, for example, in the natural environment, it is resistant to the sun and radiation. It also has some high humidity environment, such as seawater and fresh water immersion, which can be called water resistance, and of course, it is also resistant to chemical media corrosion.

The corrosion resistance of carbon fiber products in the practical application in terms of differences, because carbon fiber is generally not used alone, but fused with the resin matrix, a carbon fiber composite material, so many factors have on the fusion of matrix carbon fiber products corrosion resistance impact. Working hours in different environments and different environments can also cause different corrosion resistance of carbon fiber products, but in general, the corrosion resistance of carbon fiber products is better than that of other materials.

With the development of the application of carbon fiber products, the corrosion resistance of carbon fiber materials has gained more and more applications in many environments.

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