Carbon fiber epoxy resin composites have many advantages, including light weight, high strength, high modulus of elasticity, chemical corrosion resistance and so on. With the progress of the times, more and more industries are involved, and the amount of use has also increased rapidly. When the amount of use is increased, the waste is also increasing. If it is not recycled, it will bring great pressure to the environment, and it will also cause a serious waste of resources.

The treatment of carbon fiber waste is generally incineration, which can recover part of the heat, but it can cause environmental pollution. High temperature degradation can obtain more pure fiber materials, but the requirements for technology and equipment are very high, and few laboratories can carry out this project. Now scientists have invented a way to efficiently recycle carbon fiber epoxy resin composites. The specific process is to cut into small pieces of carbon fiber epoxy resin, heated in acid solution, then adding oxidant and organic solution, chemical reaction at room temperature by controlling the reaction conditions, to explain to the resin, crystal precipitation, separation of carbon fiber and epoxy resin. The carbon fiber strength obtained by this method is about 90% of the original resin and almost no residue on the surface resin. Although it is not better than the new carbon fiber material, it is not bad, it can be used as an enhanced material.

The recovery of carbon fiber by the above methods is cheap, and the recovery rate is high. It will not cause much pollution to the environment, and realize the recycling of resources. It has made up for a long time that carbon fiber is difficult to recycle and is difficult to industrialisation. Now the air quality is really poor. Haze and sandstorm are constantly moving. More and more people are infected with respiratory diseases. Recycling can also protect the environment to the greatest extent.

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