Carbon fiber sheet is a high quality composite material. The molding method is carbon fiber impregnated resin (mainly epoxy resin), and then in the mold, heat curing, molding and pultrusion. The carbon fiber sheet inherits the superior properties of carbon fiber, which is light weight, high mechanical strength, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and small thermal expansion coefficient. It can be used in all kinds of harsh environments.

On the production and processing of carbon fiber sheet, the company selects imported resin and raw silk. 100% pure carbon fiber and epoxy resin, scientific management methods and advanced equipment, products, flatness, thickness tolerance, appearance effect, temperature resistance, resistance degeneration and stability are of excellent quality to meet customer requirements. We have advanced machine tool equipment, CNC full computer control processing, high precision.

Carbon fiber sheet is widely used in the field of national defense, military industry, electronics, sports equipment, musical instruments, medical equipment, building reinforcement and so on. With the progress of the productive forces, the scope of use is still further expanding, and it is believed that the future will be fully permeated into the life.

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