The structure of the telescope is not complicated, simply can be divided into objective lens group, tube, focusing department, eyepiece four parts. One tube inside the structure is the most simple parts, you can use plastic, metal and other materials. With the widespread use of carbon fiber, gorgeous carbon tube captured the hearts of telescope enthusiasts at once, became popular. This article Xiaobian and we discuss how to make carbon fiber telescope tube.

1, Preparation of the material before the preparation, including carbon fiber cloth, resin, utility knife, ruler, sandpaper, brushes and so on.

2, cut carbon cloth. Trim the carbon cloth to the size you want. Beginners, then recommended the use of 12k unidirectional carbon cloth, its price is cheaper, once did not succeed, then you can try several times.

3, posted carbon cloth. As a result of the use of unidirectional cloth, so when posted a layer of vertical layer of horizontal. Before affixing the first layer of carbon cloth, first brush the surface of the entire mold with resin. After gluing the carbon fiber cloth, brush it again with the resin, and then wait for it to solidify and dry. When completely dry, paste the back layers of carbon cloth in the same way. Remember to wear protective gloves to prevent glue from sticking into your hands while carrying out this procedure.

4, polished. The initial completion of the carbon fiber telescope tube due to the carbon cloth paste technique and other issues surface is not very smooth, need to use sandpaper fine grinding, polished it smooth and smooth, feel no bumpy feeling.

5, stripping. This step has a certain degree of difficulty, you can put it in the refrigerator, the use of thermal expansion and contraction of the carbon cylinder and mold to separate.

In this way, the carbon fiber telescope tube is completed, plus eyepiece, objective lens, DIY telescope no problem. Looked at his own telescope, a sense of fulfillment. The whole production process is not complicated, as long as you are interested in this can try. First try may encounter some problems, try a few more just fine.

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