Bow and arrow is a long-range weapon, mainly made of metal, wood, bamboo, feathers and other materials. Archery is a very important weapon in ancient times, used for fighting and hunting. Now the bow and arrow has become a kind of sports equipment, people archery often because of interest or exercise. With the rapid development of modern science and technology, a large number of new materials have emerged, and carbon fiber is one of them. Carbon fiber can make all kinds of things, including bow and arrow. The carbon fiber bow and arrow are somewhat different from the traditional bow and arrow. How should we maintain it? Let’s tell you all about it.

The usual arch maintenance mainly by waxing, waxing can often give the bowstring and extend the life of it. In general, a bow and arrows of about 200 times per shot need a wax, but this is not fixed, and can be properly changed according to the actual situation. But if you find the string white must be waxed, otherwise it will damage the sustainable use. It is important to note that the wax can not be too much on one time, and too much wax will be contaminated with dust. The site is in addition to waxing wheel and all other parts of the local fender rope wrapped around. In addition if the following two conditions must replace the string: the first one is the string outside raising serious carbon fiber breaking: second is a bowstring fracture or traces of burning.

The place where the bow and arrow is placed should also be paid attention to. Do not put it in wet, high temperature, low temperature or easily mouldy place, and dry it. Do not use a bow and arrow for a long time, and occasionally pull the bow to let it move. Nurturance good nursing habit, it can keep good performance as always. Carbon fiber bow and arrow is better than the traditional bow and arrow, and the price is not particularly expensive, it is very popular.

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