What is a heteromorphic piece? It is a part with irregular shape. The processing mode is more complex. It often needs a variety of instruments and equipment, and it also needs to be opened. The ordinary plane plus workpiece, only the two-dimensional drawings can be produced in batch, and the special-shaped parts need three-dimensional drawings. As we all know, carbon fiber is a material with excellent properties, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high friction and tensile strength, but it has large brittleness and difficult forming. The quality of carbon fiber shaped parts on the market is not qualified. So how do we see carbon fiber special-shaped parts?

1. Look at the surface. Carbon fiber special-shaped parts are generally cured by pre impregnating CFRP resin in a mold. The flowability of the resin is poor, the temperature is not suitable, the pressure is too small or most of the gas bubbles are easily produced, and the effect is beautiful. People are fascinated by carbon fiber products, not only because of its superior performance, but also because of its fashionable fashion, and a little bit of flaws on the surface will destroy the overall aesthetic feeling. So the inspection of the appearance of carbon fiber special-shaped parts is very important.

2. Look at the size accuracy. The product will have a tolerable range of tolerances and randomly check several parts of the carbon fiber special-shaped parts to see if they are within the specified size. If the carbon fiber special-shaped part is used as a mechanical part, the accuracy of the size is particularly important.

3, see the actual use of the situation. There are many different brands of carbon fabric and resin made of carbon fiber special-shaped parts, which are different in quality. And the most direct way to test the quality is to put into practice.

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