Carbon fiber is generally not used alone, usually consisting of composite materials, composite material with properties of two or more than two kinds of materials, so it is widely used and carbon fiber composite material and as one of the most widely used materials in the composite family, made a lot of products, but also loved by the people. There are some people who met the carbon fiber product quality, today teach you several ways to distinguish the quality of carbon fiber products.

The first step to get a first look at the carbon fiber products, its surface quality and meet the requirements of carbon fiber product surface smooth, no white spots, needle, bubbles and other defects, if any, that is the production of the corresponding requirements do not process. And the good quality of carbon fiber products will not produce the phenomenon of stratification.

The second step, look at the size precision, carbon fiber products in general will have some precision of the deviation, but is within the tolerance, randomly selected several products inspection, whether within the prescribed size, the general experience of the carbon fiber manufacturers are able to meet customer size requirements.

The third step is also the most direct way to get samples into practical applications. If everything is normal in the application process, no problem is caused, then the quality of the product is up to the requirement.

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