After the production of carbon fiber products, because of the practical application, it is unavoidable to need two processing to use. Drilling is the most common processing demand. According to the characteristics of manual drilling of carbon fiber reinforced plastics, common solutions are:

(1) the choice of tool material and drill bit geometric parameters is usually made of cemented carbide bit and diamond coated carbide bit, so as to improve the life of drill bit, keep drill bit sharpness and reduce axial force during drilling.

(2) the selection of drill speed and feed speed should choose tools with higher drilling speed and better stability, smaller feed speed and lower axial force in drilling.

(3) it can improve the drilling conditions and increase the stability in the drilling process by using the method of strengthening the support process.

But in the process often encountered because of the special structure of parts, such as processing parts, special-shaped small number, large hole machining parts, and that the hole is not easy to export or not using component support law method, also need to take corrective measures to control the amount of feed close to manual drilling drilled, improve stability.

Improvement of drilling process for carbon fiber composites:

The carbon fiber composite parts manual drilling drilled close to the feed is not easy to control, can be thought of using elastic material elastic force to reduce the feed force when the drill, after repeated tests, the improvement of the process of manual drilling, by using the method of combining the fixed positioning sleeve and a silicon rubber pad on the drill bit feed control, reduce manual processing and close to the length of drill bit when drilling through improving the processing quality of carbon fiber composite materials manual drilling, avoid impact drill in drilling the drill through the phenomenon, improve the safety of the hand when drilling.

Selection of elastic mat materials:

It is required that the elastic cushion material has good tearing strength, wear resistance, hardness and moderate elasticity. After comparison, the selection of silicone rubber is more suitable. Silicone rubber is a special silicone rubber and high purity silicon dioxide as the main component of the compound, its physical and chemical properties better than organic elastomer, has remained stable, in a wide temperature range and low compression permanent deformation, high service life, is an ideal material for sealing and damping manufacturing application.

The determination of the thickness of the elastic pad: the thickness of the elastic pad determines the size of the compression of the elastic pad, and the amount of elastic pressure determines the size of manual feed force when drilling manually.

The selection of the thickness of the elastic cushion material depends on the axial force, the machining aperture and the diameter of the elastic pad when the carbon fiber composites are processed by manual drilling. The suitable axial force in the drilling of carbon fiber composite material needs to be controlled in the range of 30 – 50N, and the defects such as hole delamination and tearing are less. The processing of different diameter selection of silicon rubber pad thickness, larger aperture, axial force, tip height of the larger, the amount of compression of the elastic cushion also needs to increase, to choose the larger thickness of elastic cushion. When the machining aperture is fixed, the bigger the diameter of the elastic cushion is, the compression of the elastic cushion will be reduced and the thickness of the elastic cushion should be increased as the contact area is increased.

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