Mountain climbing is a sport that many people love. It exercises physical strength, exercises heart and lung and challenges oneself. When climbing over high peaks, people often use their alpenstocks to help relieve the burden on their legs. Alpenstock materials are aluminum, titanium, carbon fiber and so on. Aluminum alpenstocks are the most common, the price is relatively cheap, general performance, titanium practical good but too expensive, carbon fiber as a new material has many advantages, very popular, in the face of mixed market, how to choose carbon fiber Alpenstocks?

The amount of carbon content is an important criterion for many people choose the alpenstock, the seller understands the consumer’s heart, marked carbon content of 80%, or even 100%. In fact, 100% is impossible. The surface of the carbon fiber dry filament is rough and soft, and needs to be compounded with the resin before it can be made into various products. Therefore, the resin occupies a certain proportion in the whole product, and other parts and components, 100% Is absolutely unattainable. In addition, listen to us all know that carbon fiber has the advantages of light weight, high strength, the higher the carbon content, the better performance, but the hardness is too high, it will lose its toughness, brittle, easy to break. On the contrary, the carbon fiber with too high carbon content is easily broken than the carbon fiber with too low carbon content. However, when the manufacturers will pay attention to this issue, the process, will reduce the brittleness to a minimum.

The wall thickness of carbon fiber alpenstocks is also an important factor to investigate it. The general wall thickness of carbon fiber alpenstock in 1 & mdash; 1.4mm, some manufacturers in order to save costs, the continuation of the aluminum alpenstock practice, made out of the product wall thickness of less than 1mm, it is easy to crack. Therefore, when buying alpenstock, it is best to do a simple test of its performance, personal inspection of its quality in the end how to buy.

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