Carbon fiber tube is a kind of high performance composite materials used to produce carbon fiber fishing rod, display rack, scaffolding and a series of products. For carbon fiber tube, its production and processing is a very important process. How can the carbon fiber tube be processed and formed? In response to this question, let’s answer it in a centralized way.

The most basic processing method is winding. This method is easy to realize mechanization and automation. Compared with other methods, it has many characteristics, such as good working conditions, low labor intensity, stable product quality and low production cost, so it is widely used. Carbon fiber winding process is a process by winding the carbon fiber by wet winding, which is directly entangled on the core membrane under a certain tension control. The way of winding line is an important prerequisite for ensuring the quality of carbon fiber winding products. The use of pipes is different, and the winding type is also different. The winding type can be divided into three parts: circumferential winding, longitudinal plane winding and spiral winding.

Finally, we remind you of the twists, must want to make carbon fiber position is stable and no slippage, and uniform with the mould surface, adjacent fibers without gap and overlap, which requires the carbon fiber arrangement according to certain rules, this rule is called “ winding rule ”. This paper introduces the way to finish the forming of carbon fiber pipe. If you need all kinds of carbon fiber pipes, you are welcome to order. Our company can produce carbon fiber round pipe, carbon fiber square tube and various special-shaped carbon fiber tubes.

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