FRP is a common high-performance composite material, but carbon fiber reinforced polymer composites surpass FRP in many performance. Its strength and elastic modulus mainly depend on the properties of raw fiber. Compared with glass fiber, carbon fiber has a high modulus of elasticity, 4-6 times that of glass fiber, and the tensile strength is slightly higher than that of glass fiber. For example, the strength and elastic modulus of carbon fiber epoxy composite materials are more than that of aluminum alloy, or even close to high strength steel, which makes up for the drawback of low elastic modulus of FRP. The relative density is smaller than that of glass steel, so it becomes one of the most composite materials with the highest specific strength and specific modulus at present.

The carbon fiber elastic modulus maximum, the composite parts can be allowed under the stress conditions in the limit, overcome the glass fiber resin composite material only allows rejection of the shortcomings in the below limit stress under 60% conditions, the mechanical properties of carbon fiber reinforced resin composite with fiber content increased and improved. The fiber containing 60%-70% (volume) is the best in the composite. When the fiber content is higher, the integrity of the composite will be destroyed and the performance decreases.

Carbon fiber composites have excellent fatigue resistance. This is due to the expansion of carbon fiber and matrix in the composite interface can prevent crack, combination of fiber and matrix is not perfect, but conducive to the spread of the front of the grave blunt crack, the crack extends to the loading direction and stop, on the one hand, the composite soft matrix also has the hysteresis and hinder the brittle the crack will not continue expanding. Carbon fiber composite components, such as four tons of force per square centimeter, can withstand cycles up to twenty million to thirty million times (two thousand cycles per minute) without causing fatigue damage.

Carbon fiber composites have good impact resistance. Someone shot the gun in a ten – step distance to a carbon fiber composite less than one centimeter thick, and the result could not be worn. What is interesting to people is that using other fibers, such as glass fiber and organic fiber, and carbon fiber as a composite reinforcing agent, the impact property of this hybrid fiber is 2-3 times larger than that of carbon fiber reinforced polymer.

In addition, the strength loss of carbon fiber composites in the high temperature aging test is also smaller than that of glass fiber reinforced plastic (FRP), and it is self lubricated. There are significant advantages in corrosion resistance and heat resistance. The anisotropy of mechanical properties of carbon fiber composite materials than boron fiber composite materials, especially over glass steel, with woven fibers in the form of multi-dimensional partial filling composite materials, this kind of phenomenon than with enhanced filament filling Qi small, in the latter case, cross laying fiber, also can make this kind of phenomenon reduced.

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