Carbon fiber is a long line material with a diameter of about 0.005-0.010 millimeters. It is mainly made up of carbon atoms, and atoms are bonded to form tiny crystals that are parallel to the long axis of the fiber. The arrangement of the crystals makes carbon fibers with very high strength. Carbon fiber monofilament yarn is in the form of braiding process, it can be made of carbon fiber cloth; through the winding process, it can be made of carbon fiber tube; combined with epoxy resin and other materials, it can be made into various kinds of machining parts, meet the needs of different people.

The tensile modulus can test the maximum tensile force that the fiber can bear, and its unit is psi, indicating how many pounds of tension can be borne by the area per square inch. The carbon fiber with a tensile modulus below 34 million 800 thousand psi will be classified as a low modulus carbon fiber. Others also have standard modulus, intermediate modulus, high modulus, and super high modulus. The modulus of tensile elastic modulus of ultra-high modulus carbon fiber is 72 million 500 thousand &ndash, 145 million psi (500 million – 1 billion kPa). Compared with it, the tensile modulus of steel is about 29 million psi (200 million kPa). The modulus of elasticity of carbon fiber is more than 10 times stronger than that of steel, and in weight, the weight of steel is more than 5 times that of carbon fiber. Besides, the fatigue resistance of carbon fiber is superior to other metals. If it is integrated with resin, it will become one of the most anticorrosive materials.

More than thirty years ago, carbon fiber was largely used in aerospace and military two aspects because of its high cost. However, today, with the progress of science and technology and the improvement of economic level, other fields of carbon fiber have also been widely applied, such as wind turbines, automobiles, sporting goods and so on. Since carbon fiber manufacturers are committed to expanding product performance, reducing costs and developing new markets, carbon fiber has now become an indispensable product in the market.

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