Carbon fiber is a new type of material with a carbon content greater than 95%. It is not natural, but is made by chemical method. Carbon fiber is widely used. Various kinds of articles are being tried to make use of them, such as chairs, stairs, bathtubs, racquets, planes, submarines, etc. It has such a wide range of applications, and its physical and chemical properties are good. Let’s look at it here.

First look at the physical properties of carbon fibers. The weight of carbon fiber is very light, and its density is about 1.5g/cm3, which is mainly related to its structure and carbonization temperature. Generally speaking, its carbonization temperature is as high as 3000 degrees. Although the weight of carbon fiber is light, but the strength is very large, it is several times higher than that of steel, and the temperature will fall only when the temperature is above 1500 degrees C. Carbon fiber is directional, divided into vertical and horizontal directions, and the thermal expansion coefficient parallel to the fiber direction is -0.90× 10-6 K-1, while the thermal expansion coefficient perpendicular to the fiber direction is 32× 10-6, the difference is quite large. Carbon fiber has good thermal conductivity, fast heat conduction, uniform heat distribution and high efficiency. Carbon fiber is made of fibers, with soft and strong toughness properties can be made using carbon fiber cloth.

Look at the chemical properties of the carbon fiber. The chemical property of carbon fiber is similar to carbon, it is more stable and not easy to be corroded by acid, alkali, salt and solution. But when the temperature is higher than 400, it will begin to oxidize and produce CO2 and other gases. In addition, it also has the properties of radiation resistance, radiation resistance, and adsorption of toxic gases, which can satisfy people’s different requirements for materials and is very popular.

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