According to the surface patterns, the carbon fiber board can be divided into a twill pattern. Plain weave is the simplest way of weaving. It is also used very much. It is made of warp lines and weft ups and weaves, with tight structure, solid texture and smooth appearance. The twill weave slightly more complex, used three to latitude and longitude lines in an organization, firm less plain, but the texture is soft and smooth. What’s the performance of the twill carbon fiber board, which is made of twill carbon fiber cloth and soaked in resin?

1. High temperature resistance.

The high temperature resistance of carbon fiber can reach 1000 degrees Celsius. After prepreg resin is pressed into carbon fiber board, because of the relationship of resin, the ability of high temperature resistance has decreased, but it can also withstand hundreds of degrees Celsius temperature.

2. Corrosion resistance.

Carbon fiber board has excellent corrosion resistance. All kinds of chemicals such as acid, alkali and salt will not play a great role in carbon fiber board. It can be used in wet and corrosive environment, such as seawater.

3. The intensity is high.

As far as strength is concerned, it is known that the strength of CFRP is as much as four times as high as steel. The tensile strength is more than 3600Mpa, and the tensile modulus of elasticity can also reach 23000~43000Mpa.

4. Light weight.

The carbon fiber board is very light, with a density of only 1.8g/ cubic centimeters. It is much lighter than aluminum and steel, and it can be used in aircraft and cars to reduce weight.

5. The appearance is beautiful.

Unlike other materials, the carbon fiber board itself has a knit pattern, noble and generous.

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