Carbon is the basic element of life, and both humans and animals belong to the carbon matrix. The carbon elements in nature also exist in many forms, such as graphite, diamond, coal and so on. Carbon fiber composite material is high quality material for artificial carbon content is very high, its high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical stability, good thermal stability, light weight, high strength, and is widely used in many aspects, this paper mainly to talk about its mechanical properties.

The mechanical properties of carbon fiber composites are reflected in its strength and modulus of elasticity. Its strength is related to the direction and content of fiber, and the degree of bonding between fiber and matrix. Of course, it depends on the carbon basic body and the strength of matrix carbon, and the strength is also different. The modulus of carbon fiber depends on the direction of the parallel fiber axis and the carbon matrix. On the parallel fiber axis, the tensile strength and modulus are higher, and the tensile strength and modulus are low on the deviating from the fiber axis. In general, the tensile strength of carbon fiber composites is greater than that of 270MPa, and the modulus of elasticity is greater than 69GPa. Some carbon fiber composites with superior performance can reach more than 349MPa, and the modulus of elasticity can reach 700MPa.

In addition to mechanical properties, CFRP is excellent in other places, its heat resistance is very good, it can withstand high temperatures of 2000 degrees, and with the increase of temperature, the strength will not decrease. Its strength has been said, although the intensity is so high, the density is very low, less than 2.0g/cm3, lighter than the ceramic. Its friction performance is also very good, not easy to wear, long service life.

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