When talking about the economic benefits of a material, it usually starts at its price. This is very unrealistic for carbon fiber, because it does not have an absolute stable market price. In addition to the large scale of production, there are no other reasons for its high price. So as the scale of production increases, the price will fall. In fact, its raw material polyacrylonitrile is quite cheap, rarely affects product cost, but the investment in R & D and production process is huge.

Carbon fiber production equipment is expensive, and the consumption of electric power is also a lot in the process of production. The first stage temperature of the manufacture is more than 1000 degrees C, the second stage is greater than 2000 C. If the carbonization treatment is also needed, the temperature should be more than 3000. In the case of fully automated production of continuous long tow, labor consumption is very low. It does not require a lot of human operation, and it does not require skilled skills. When planning carbon fiber production, it should choose the place where the electricity price is low but the electricity is rich. A carbon fiber company in the US began to price carbon fiber at 450 yuan a pound, then reduced to 265 dollars and a pound, and it would only cost 55 yuan a pound for another price, and the price will continue to decrease in the future. This trend combines the law of the decline in the price of any kind of successful new material. The practical performance of carbon fiber is very excellent. It has high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength, light weight, and is soft and hard.

Now, the use of carbon fiber more and more, involving many industries, broad market, bring huge economic benefits.

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