Carbon fiber refers to the use of polyacrylonitrile fiber, asphalt fiber, viscose based fiber pre oxidation, carbonization of fiber materials, it has a carbon content of more than 95%. Aramid fiber refers to aromatic polyamide fiber, in addition to industry, special clothing is also involved. The performance of these two kinds of materials is very superior, what’s the comparison with them?

Look at the carbon fiber material first. Its characteristics are larger than strength ratio modulus, wear-resistant, anti fatigue, high temperature resistance, light weight, small thermal expansion coefficient and chemical corrosion resistance. Carbon fiber has more than seven times the strength of the metal, and the modulus is five times that of the metal. When the coefficient of expansion is zero at 200 ~400 C, the coefficient of linear expansion is only 1.5&times and 10^-6 when the coefficient of expansion is zero and reaches 1000. It is quickly recovered after being rubbed, with good self lubrication and low wear rate. The thermal conductivity of ordinary inorganic organic materials is relatively poor, carbon fiber is very good, and has come to make heat pipes and other heat conduction materials.

Look at the aramid fiber. The aramid fiber has good elasticity and high ductility, and it will not be easily broken. The properties of thermal and chemical resistance are also good. In high temperature, even decomposition will not deform. It plays a particularly important role in the defense industry. The products include parts of bulletproof clothing, helmets and rocket spaceships.

Compared with the two kinds of materials, carbon fiber strength even better, but the elastic elongation of aramid and carbon fiber can not be compared. Their composite materials, coupled with glass fiber, are called contemporary “ three large composite materials, ”

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