Because of my work, I was able to meet the demand for carbon fiber composites in the field of rail transit. There are a lot of carbon fiber enterprises that are interested in the field of rail transit in the future. Today, I would like to talk about the personal opinions on the application of carbon fiber in the field of rail transit.

The light weight of rail transit is an inevitable trend

From the perspective of rail transit vehicle manufacturers, the application of lightweight carbon fiber composite materials is very determined. Now we have arrived at the meeting to talk about light weight, and we must talk about the stage of carbon fiber application. Qingdao Sifang locomotives in China and the Dresden University Technology in Germany set up a joint research and development center of Sino German rail transit. The main task is to study the application of carbon fiber composites in rail traffic vehicles.

Why are rail transit equipment companies so keen on CFRP? The main reason is that the light weight is a hard bar. At present EMU carriages use stainless steel body in addition to CRH1, and other models use high strength aluminum alloy materials to reduce weight. Even so, the weight of a body of the EMU is more than 10 tons. The energy consumption of the EMU in the starting acceleration stage is the largest. According to the famous F=ma formula, the weight reduction can greatly reduce the energy consumption, while the weight is lighter, and the wear of the axle and wheel will also be reduced.

In the technical center of the Sifang locomotive in Qingdao, there are thousands of technicians who do the optimization and redesign of the motor vehicles every day, and they are racking their brains to reduce the weight of 1 kilograms. Lightweight includes light weight material usage and lightweight design. The lightweight design of aluminum alloy has reached the bottleneck, and the weight loss will inevitably result in the loss of performance. Therefore, carbon fiber composite materials will become the next lightweight materials.

Carbon fiber is blocked and long

In the past few years, the affiliated enterprises of central China have also done a lot of work to develop carbon fiber components with carbon fiber enterprises. So far, however, there is no more large-scale use of carbon fibers than fiberglass composites. In addition to cost factors, a greater cause is the concern about the use of carbon fiber composites.

This concern comes from a lot of uncertainty. First of all, if carbon fiber composites are used, can we meet the requirements of mechanical properties and how to meet the design requirements with the least material. This requires the reliability of the raw material required for the structure design of the composite. It is assured to be used by the sample (single plate and laminates), components, components, full size components and many other structures.

Second uncertainties come from security. At present, the high speed rail trains run to a certain number of kilometers to carry out different levels of maintenance, to the highest level of 5, the need to remove all the car body paint, check whether the car body contains cracks and other defects. If the composite material is replaced by a car body, how long will it last? How long is the aging life? How can the internal defects be detected and repaired?

Finally, a set of composite material application system has not been established in the field of rail transit. Faced with many uncertain problems, there is no consistent excuse for carbon fiber enterprises.

Carbon fiber application Roadmap

In fact, many problems faced by rail transport enterprises can get a good solution in carbon fiber related enterprises. However, the lack of effective communication makes these difficulties insurmountable. The affiliated enterprises of the central car company are very welcome to communicate with the relevant enterprises, because you are trying to solve them for them. Nowadays, many enterprises take a look at the market of rail transit, but they go around the door, or even look inside to see what’s going on inside.

In the future, the market for the application of carbon fiber in the field of rail transportation is very large, and the rail transportation equipment enterprises are also put into a huge investment, and there are many times when there is no suitable cooperative object. The requirements for partners include reliable raw material quality, technical support, structural design, process design and functional design.

In the field of rail transit applications, higher requirements for products and enterprises are bound to be more demanding than many sports leisure and building reinforcement. Those carbon fiber enterprises, which are always leading the technology, dare to eat this cake?

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