Carbon fiber tube has excellent mechanical and physical properties, its high strength and modulus, thermal expansion coefficient, high rigidity, anti fatigue, good damping, the carbon fiber tube is often used as structural components, such as satellite antenna support, aircraft components, mechanical guide roller, sailboat mast etc.. The carbon fiber tube has a variety of specifications and various molding methods. The most common types of carbon fiber tubes are molding, winding and pulling out. This article tells you the three methods.

Pultrusion: carbon fiber pultrusion tube is the carbon fiber yarn in the external force of the prepreg resin, extruded through a machine, heated and solidified. The advantages of this technology are low cost, precise control of resin content, suitable for mass production and high efficiency. The drawback is that the products with low appearance and good surface texture are not like winding pipes, and can only produce constant interfaces. Carbon fiber pultrusion tube is not recommended if the surface of the product is high.

Winding: this technology can be divided into three parts: circumferential winding, longitudinal plane winding and spiral winding. The manufacturing process simply means that the carbon fiber yarns after prepreg resin are wound by machine and solidified on the core mold. The content of glue, fiber tension and curing temperature should be paid special attention to. Once the control is not good, the product may be defective or discarded. Carbon filament winding tubes are the most common in the market. It has a unique pattern, strong decoration, and excellent performance.

Molding: first, the carbon fiber material is processed into a preformed piece in a closed die and then pressed in a vacuum and high temperature environment. The molding process is mainly used to produce some irregular carbon fiber tubes. It has a strong design and can meet the unique needs of the customers. Other carbon fiber special-shaped parts, such as the rearview mirror shell and the manipulator, can all be produced in this way.

Look at the above, I believe you have a deeper understanding of the carbon fiber tube.

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