(1) the density and thermal expansion of carbon fiber. The density of carbon fibers is in 1.5-2.0g/cm3, which is in addition to the structure of the precursor. It is mainly determined by the temperature of carbonization treatment. Generally, after high temperature (3000 degrees C) graphitization treatment, its density can reach 2.0g/cm3. Compared with metal materials such as steel (7.8g/cm3), the density of carbon fiber is much lower. The composite material made of it can maintain its original size without deformation at high temperature.

(2) the strength and modulus of carbon fiber. The strength and modulus of carbon fibers vary with fiber types, and can be made into high strength and high modulus fibers under certain conditions. The maximum elongation at break of high modulus carbon fiber is 0.35%, high strength carbon fiber is 1%, and there is now 1.5% carbon fiber with elongation at present.

(3) the flammability and conductivity of carbon fibers. When the carbon fiber is prepared, the treatment temperature is different, and its flammability and heat resistance are different. When the heating temperature is 200 -350, the fiber is hard to burn, and it can be used as an electrical insulator. When the heating temperature is 500-1500 C, it has become carbon fiber. At that time, it has strong conductivity and self lubrication.

(4) chemical properties of carbon fibers. The chemical properties of carbon fibers are similar to that of carbon. In addition to oxidant oxidation, it is inert to the general acid and base, and in the air, the temperature is higher than 400. Carbon fibers showed obvious oxidation. They produced CO and CO2. When they were not exposed to air or oxidizing atmosphere, the carbon fibers had outstanding heat resistance. When the temperature was higher than 1500 degrees, the strength of carbon fibers began to decrease. In addition, carbon fiber also has good low temperature resistance, such as liquid nitrogen temperature, and it also has the characteristics of oil resistance, radiation resistance, radiation resistance, absorption of toxic gas and deceleration neutron.

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