In our lives, carbon fiber products are becoming more and more visible. This kind of material with only 20 parts of the hair of the hair is very light, the density is 1/4 of the steel, and the strength is more than 4 times the steel. It can be used for various products, such as automotive parts, medical boards, high-speed rail processing parts, tables, chairs, violin boxes, wallets, business card holders, brackets, mechanical arms and so on. It was originally a special material for military industry. Now many civil fields are also involved, so what about the market prospect of carbon fiber products?

The market prospect of carbon fiber products is very broad. If nineteenth Century is the century of steel and twentieth Century is the century of plastics, then twenty-first Century will be the era of carbon fiber. The reason why it is so popular is its excellent performance: light and high strength, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, friction resistance, and no rust. It has both soft and rigid features, and is highly designed. At present, the amount of carbon fiber used in various fields is 58% for the general industry, 23% for sports entertainment, and 19% for aerospace, aviation and military. With the development of the times, this proportion is changing.

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