People are a bit confused about carbon fiber and carbon fiber composite materials. First, let me introduce to you: carbon fiber is a single material, and carbon fiber composite material refers to carbon fiber as reinforcement material, which is incorporated into resin and other matrix materials. Carbon fiber products are usually made of carbon fiber composites. We all know that carbon fiber composites have many advantages. Today we are going to introduce its high temperature resistance.

In fact, the carbon fiber high temperature resistance performance is very good, able to withstand the high temperature above 1000 DEG C in the general case, the principle of carbon fiber high temperature structure of the carbon atoms in the carbon fiber is similar to graphite in crystal layer structure, carbon atoms covalently bonded firmly combined, it is difficult to damage so high. But most of us are using carbon fiber composite materials, high temperature resistant and it depends on the base material, most refers to the resin, its use temperature is -50 to +180 DEG C, so the carbon fiber products we make the general high temperature at 150-180 Deg. C, so many people will ask, why not the direct use of carbon fiber? Let me tell you that in addition to the direct use of individual carbon fibers (such as activated graphite fiber), other carbon fibers can not be directly used, they must be processed to form composite materials.

The high temperature resistance of carbon fiber composites is also prominent in the existing structural materials. It can be applied to some parts with high working temperature, and it is fireproof, flame retardant, low smoke and low toxic, and it will not hurt the body.

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