Whether some high-end equipment or some common items, carbon fiber products used in our daily life more and more widely, with a variety of carbon fiber material forming process, the most common is the high temperature molding, vacuum autoclave molding, filament winding, for you today to introduce a carbon fiber high temperature molding process of the most vigorous the.

Carbon fiber high temperature molding refers to carbon fiber prepreg in the mold, mold will die in hydraulic forming stage, high temperature and high pressure after a certain period of time is after the resin curing, remove carbon fiber products, in this process, there are two affected the quality of carbon fiber products for controlling pressure and mold the temperature, if these two conditions are not well controlled, the quality of carbon fiber products produced will be greatly reduced.

Carbon fiber high temperature molding process has high production efficiency and is suitable for automatic production. And the products produced by carbon fiber molding process are of high accuracy, which ensures the quality of products. Some carbon fiber products with complex shapes can be produced at one time according to the shape of the mold, reducing a lot of time and personnel arrangement. And the carbon fiber produced by this process is high in carbon fiber. However, there are still some unavoidable problems in the molding process. Molding dies are complex, and the cost is relatively high. Due to the limitation of the press, the technology is generally suitable for the production of small batch products.

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