With the development of science and technology and the improvement of economy, people have higher requirements on the quality of life. In addition to the warm bedroom, clean bathroom, ornate living room, having a functional and stylish kitchen is also important. People’s lives are nothing more than the basic necessities of life, in a clean and beautiful kitchen to make a meal, and then savor, but also a pleasure. As a high-tech material, carbon fiber has been used in many fields, including the manufacture of cabinets.

The entire cabinet does not use wood, do not use the splint, almost all of black carbon fiber as raw material. Carbon fiber used in aerospace, automotive manufacturing and other high-tech fields, used to manufacture cabinets, the performance is impressively. It is light weight, high strength, excellent modulus of elasticity, can withstand the impact of extrusion, it is not easy to scratch. Often placed on the countertops all kinds of food ingredients, carbon fiber chemical stability, will not be their juice corrosion. In addition, it also moisture moisture function, this feature in the kitchen where this large amount of water is needed. Every detail of the cabinet has been carefully designed, for example, the corner of the location will be done just right. In addition to carbon fiber, but also with other high-performance auxiliary materials. For example, the use of transparent glass door, beautify the cabinets while also enhancing the practicality.

A high-end elegant carbon fiber cabinets, refreshing, so that the feeling of home more. The use of carbon fiber is really vast. In addition to the large components of aircraft, cars and yachts, these small items make watches, kites, wine racks and model parts. I believe its use will be more extensive.

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