Hennessy Venom F5, after completing its virginity show at SEMA Show in Las Vegas, soon released the first picture of the run. According to the recently released photos, the main material of cockpit of Venom F5 is carbon fiber. In terms of overall quality, the vehicle has been improved on the basis of Venom GT.
The cockpit is narrower and is equipped with two bucket seats seats, which seems to be fixed on the base of the vehicle. Venom F5 also has a narrow carbon fiber drive shaft (transmission tunnel), and its on-board information entertainment system is configured with a large size touch screen. In addition, the distribution mode of the vent is similar to that of the exhaust pipe (tailpipe).

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The vehicle will configure two different steering wheels and dashboards to the user. In addition, the Venom F5 interior very cool, the twin turbo V8 engine, the Hennessy Venom F5 can speed up to 300 mph (about 482 km/h). (this article is selected from carscoops.com)