A new type of material as the carbon fiber composite material, has the advantages of low density, high specific strength and stiffness, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, dimensional stability, has been applied in aerospace, automotive, rail transportation and other fields, and that carbon fiber is a kind of free material, what does that mean? This article is to explain the design freedom of carbon fiber.

We know that the carbon fiber is generally not used alone, but with the resin and carbon fiber and resin fusion, the weight, strength, temperature resistance ability of the performance are different, but we can change the component material type and content, ply orientation, stacking sequence, ply angle to change the product the strength and elastic properties, meet the requirements for the properties of the products. So when customers ask for carbon fiber products that need to be made, we usually have to ask what is required for performance, and then make a reasonable way to produce. For example, the thin walled circular tube subjected to internal pressure is known to have two times the stress on the longitudinal section as the cross section stress. So we can use 2:1’s warp and weft interleaving fabric, which is two times of the axial strength of the ring, so as to get a structure with the same strength reserve. Like this degree of freedom of design, metal materials are generally not available.

Forming method of carbon fiber composite material is also a variety of common high temperature molding, vacuum autoclave molding, filament winding, the same piece of carbon fiber products have different molding methods, such as conventional carbon fiber tube, a molding, blow molding, winding into type, are selected according to different molding methods different requirements.

With the progress of the times, the demand for materials is higher and higher. Different products have different performance requirements. Even the same products have different performance requirements, and carbon fiber can be designed reasonably to meet different requirements.

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