With the rapid development of science and technology, high-performance carbon fiber composites have been widely used in mechanical manufacturing, defense industry, aerospace industry and other fields. It has the characteristics of high strength modulus, good design, good fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance and large area overall molding. It has better performance than traditional steel, aluminum alloy and other structural materials. This article is about the four features of carbon fiber composites.

1. It can be highly designed. This is the most significant characteristic of carbon fiber composites that are different from the traditional materials. The mechanical, thermal, anti-corrosion, anti-aging and other physical and chemical properties can be used according to the requirements of parts and environmental conditions, through the selection of materials, components, and materials such as design of interface control means, to maximize expected purpose, to meet the performance requirements of Engineering structure.

2, the same character of material and structure. Carbon fiber composites are more appropriate than materials, rather than materials. The traditional component molding material is reprocessed material to achieve, and the machining process between material components generally do not undergo chemical changes, and material synthesis and molding it is completed at the same time, the overall performance is good, can significantly reduce the number of parts and connections, so as to shorten the processing cycle, reduce the cost, improve the reliability of components.

3, give full play to the superiority of the compound effect. The performance of CFRP components after processing is not a simple mixture of their properties, but a new performance according to the composite effect, which is unique.

4. The dependence of the performance on the carbon fiber composite process. The structure between the component materials of complex physical and chemical changes in the process of formation, properties of the component process, technological parameters and technological process of the dependence, but also because in the forming process is difficult to accurately control the process parameters, requires a high level of technology.

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