Carbon fiber pipe is a commonly used component in engineering. It is used in aircraft, cars, ships, guides, brackets and so on. Its strength is very high, and it is superior to steel. Its density is only about 1/2 of aluminum, and its quality is light and high-strength. The forming method of carbon fiber tube is not only one kind, the following is detailed.

1, hand paste paving process: by artificial way, the core mold is laid on the top of the mold [or dry cloth and then brush with glue), and then solidifies. The advantage is that the equipment is simple, suitable for small quantity production, and the outer surface quality of the outer surface can be obtained with the use of the external model. But the production efficiency is low, the demand for the operator is high, and the labor intensity is great.

2, pultrusion process: it needs equipment and pultrusion molding unit, usually using dry carbon fiber / cloth, after dipping, forming through molding port, and then it is solidified in pultrusion process, and directly pulls out the finished product. In the process, the curing is realized, and the finished product is pulled out directly. Its advantages include easy realization, automation, high production efficiency and stable quality. The shortcoming is that the equipment investment is large, and it can only produce equal section profiles, and the transverse strength difference of products.

3, winding process: need equipment with winding machine and auxiliary equipment and mold. The dry carbon fiber wire is usually wound on the mold according to the design, and then curled after winding. Its advantages can be made full use of the strength of the reinforced material. Product performance is high, easy to realize mechanization and automation production, quality is stable, but the external surface generally needs grinding treatment.

4, process equipment: reel reel machine, heat tape winding machine, the use of pre dip, after winding in the winding surface heat shrinkable tape, then cured. Its advantages can be designed to obtain anisotropic material properties, but in addition to 0° outside the layer, the other layers will form a joint zone.

5, two-dimensional braided +RTM process: the need for equipment is a two-dimensional braiding machine, RTM equipment and die. Using carbon fiber dry wire, the multi-layer casing is repeatedly woven on the core mold, and then placed in the specially designed RTM mold, and then solidified after RTM injection. The surface quality of the product is high, and it can be woven, and the waste is less. The defect is that it is still two dimensional laminated material, and it needs repeated multi-layer weaving.

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