Carbon fiber weight is lighter than aluminum, its strength is higher than steel, and it has the advantages of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, high modulus and so on. It is called “ the king of new materials ” Carbon fiber products are used in many fields, and how are these products made? Today, look at the molding of carbon fiber composites.

1. Molding method. This method is to put the carbon fiber material that has been prepreg resin in the metal mold, pressurize the excess glue liquid to overflow, and then solidify and form after high temperature, and the finished product will come out. This method is most suitable for making automobile parts.

2, hand paste pressure layer method. The carbon fiber sheet after the soaking is scissors, or the resin is painted on the side of the layer and then hot pressed. This method can be widely used in choosing the direction, size and thickness of fiber. It is important to note that the shape of the layer is less than the shape of the mold, so that the fiber will not flexure when it is pressed inside the mold.

3. Vacuum bag hot pressing. Stacked on the mold and coated with heat-resistant film, using a soft pocket to apply pressure to the stack and solidify in hot pressure irrigation.

4. The winding molding method. Carbon fiber monofilament is wound on the carbon fiber axis, especially for the manufacture of cylinder and hollow utensils.

5. Extrusion molding. First, the carbon fiber is fully infiltrated, and the resin and air are removed by squeezing, and then solidified in the furnace. This method is simple and suitable for the preparation of rod like and tubular parts.

According to the need, we can use different molding methods to create different types of carbon fiber products, so the products can better meet our needs. Now carbon fiber products can be seen everywhere in our life, such as eyeglass frames, fishing rods and so on. Its high performance can extend the service life of the products, and the appearance is high-end atmosphere, and it will not be out of date for a long time.

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