The composite panel with carbon fiber, &ldquo foam sandwich intermediate; sandwich ” carbon fiber medical plate structures made of polycarbonate, phenolic resin is superior to the traditional medical bed in many ways, to play an important role in improving application performance, this paper introduces a performance advantage to a medical carbon fiber board.

The medical board is requiring excellent rigidity and strength, to ensure that the deformation in the work of the medical bed is small, as everyone knows, the carbon fiber strength and stiffness is more prominent in the existing structure of materials, which determines the bearing capacity of carbon fiber and carbon fiber medical bed, is a kind of anisotropic material, we through reasonable design, to achieve the equilibrium of the force, which play the most significant effect. Not only is the strength high, carbon fiber is also a very excellent weight loss material, the density of carbon fiber material is about 1.7g/cm3, less than the steel 1/4.

Carbon fiber is the pursuit of a medical field, the biggest reason is the carbon fiber material with excellent X ray transmittance, carbon fiber board X medical Radiability is superior to the traditional medical bed, medical bed allows carbon fiber irradiation on the bed in any angle, but will not lead to large deviation and refractive projection ray the can protect patients less affected by X rays. In addition, carbon fiber medical board imaging is clear and convenient for diagnosis. Carbon fiber medical board (CFRP) has good safety and safety in the process of diagnosis and treatment.

Carbon fiber composites have great advantages in the field of medical treatment, and the application of carbon fiber composites in the medical field has become an inevitable trend in the future.

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