Roll is a mechanical part. It has its application in machine tools and cars. The rolls we know are made of steel. However, when people pursue lightweight, people need to reexamine whether the steel rolls can meet their needs. We need to find a new roller instead of steel roller. CFRP as a new structural material has great performance in many areas because of its excellent performance. This article will make some analysis of carbon fiber roller.

Carbon fiber composite materials and other metal materials are used as structural materials, but the most prominent disadvantage of metal material is unstable, prone to oxidation, and the carbon fiber composite material is different, it basically does not have chemical corrosion, under natural conditions, highlight the anti aging performance of carbon fiber composite materials, can maintain their own excellent properties, use for a long time. A lightweight carbon fiber roller, its density in 1.6-2.0g/cm3, for the demand of lightweight carbon fiber composite materials, can be very good to meet, and the quality of light at the same time, strength is not reduced, but the strength of carbon fibre composite material than other materials have many high strength. Because the carbon fiber roller is light in weight and the damping of the roller is small, the rotational speed of the equipment can be increased by about 50%. The efficiency of the whole production line is effectively raised, and then the output is increased and the cost is reduced. Carbon fiber rolls are hard, not easy to deform, and will not cause creep because of the change of temperature.

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