Compared with conventional materials, carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) has many advantages, such as high strength, light weight, high temperature resistance, high X ray transmission, fatigue resistance and seismic resistance. It has been used in many fields. But carbon fiber is a kind of anisotropic material, machining difficulty, therefore, the company conducted a series of experiments to analyze the impact of fiber composite material of carbon fiber on the cutting force of cutting thickness on cutting force and fiber orientation on the quality of the machined surface.

1. The cutting force of carbon fiber composite material is greatly influenced by the direction of fiber, and the cutting force increases with the increase of fiber direction. The influence of cutting thickness on cutting force is also great. Under the condition of constant fiber direction, cutting force and cutting resistance increase obviously with the increase of cutting thickness. But when cutting thickness is constant, cutting resistance does not increase with the increase of fiber orientation angle, but when fiber orientation angle is 45&deg, it reaches the maximum.

2, in the case of different fiber orientation angle of chip morphology is not the same, when the parallel fiber direction and the direction of movement of tool chip is continuous ribbon and powder, when the fiber direction and perpendicular to the direction of motion when the cutting tool is in powder, when the fiber direction and the tool movement direction having an angle, cut the chip is massive.

3. The influence of workpiece surface quality by the fiber direction is larger, when the fiber direction is 0° when the workpiece surface quality is best; when fiber direction is 45° when the workpiece surface burr is the most serious, and the emergence of the tearing phenomenon on the surface of the workpiece, the parallel direction of the workpiece and tearing fiber direction; when the fiber direction is 90&deg cut off the effect in fiber; shear stress under the pits appear on the surface of the workpiece and the workpiece surface, and also a tearing phenomenon.

The effect of cutting technology on the properties of carbon fiber composites is one of the most important research directions in the processing technology of composite materials.

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