Recently, the founding conference of Jilin carbon fiber industry technology innovation strategy alliance and the unveiling ceremony of carbon fiber and products high tech characteristic industrial base were held in Jilin. Jilin chemical fiber group company has become the first council member of the Council.

According to the introduction, there are 36 members of the alliance, including 23 enterprise members, 3 scientific research institutes, 7 College members, and 3 members of the relevant competent departments. The establishment of the alliance, aims at around the carbon fiber industry chain to establish effective production and research cooperation mechanism, to solve the technical bottleneck of carbon fiber industry development, accelerate the transfer and transformation in the alliance of technology achievement, effectively improve the overall technical level of carbon fiber industry, and promote China’s carbon fiber industry health sustainable development, form the whole advantage of carbon fiber industry in our province, Jilin carbon fiber industry cluster development and high performance carbon fiber and composite material localization. The alliance will rely on the Jilin chemical fiber group set up carbon fiber science and technology achievements transformation, innovation service platform, the organization of the member units T700, T800 key technology of raw silk and 24K over large tow carbon technology joint research, accelerate the development and production of carbon fiber products, the key to improve the equipment level, training a group of carbon fiber technology innovation team; at the same time, provide strong support for the development of carbon fiber industry, the construction of carbon fiber industry cooperation platform for international first-class industry, enhance independent innovation capability and core competitiveness of industries.

The strategic alliance of Jilin carbon fiber industry technology innovation is recognized by provincial science and technology department as the provincial level industrial technology innovation strategic alliance. The high-tech industrial base of carbon fiber and products is recognized as the provincial characteristic industrial base.

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